Dental health is crucial to your pet’s overall health. At Ottawa Veterinary Hospital, we suggest annual or semi examinations and cleanings to prevent, diagnose, and treat dental disease. Dr. Hoagland will assess the health of your pet’s teeth and gums, while trying to find signs of inflammation, pain, or abnormal masses.
Your pet is not able to convey the distress and pain of dental disease. Frequent symptoms include: bad breath, excessive drooling, difficulty chewing gum, yellow or brown plaque around the teeth or close to the gum line, diminished appetite, teeth chattering, weight loss, coughing and nasal discharge, and irritability.
Dental cleanings do a lot more than simply keep your pet’s teeth glistening and white. Poor dental health makes it possible for bacteria to accumulate and spread to critical bodily systems, which might result in serious conditions like kidney and heart failure, liver damage, along with a weak immune system.
General anesthesia is needed for dental cleanings. This is for your pet’s comfort and security. Pre- surgical blood work is highly suggested to make certain that your pet can deal with the consequences of anesthesia. At Ottawa Veterinary Hospital, we all know that any procedure could be stressful. We assure you your pet is in good hands. Our highly-trained group of veterinary professionals can rigorously track your pet’s vitals from start to finish.

Dental Radiography

Complete dental health may not be identified or evaluated with dental radiography. Over fifty percent of your companion’s teeth are under the gum line. Due to this, dental radiography is totally crucial! Many debilitating oral ailments are left hidden such as foreign objects lodged in the gums, tooth and jaw cracks, strange roots, tumors, stomatitis, cysts, and strange, mal-positioned, missing, or deceased teeth.
In addition, we use dental x-rays through dental procedures and then when analyzing procedural success. At-home dental hygiene reduces plaque build-up and dental bacteria which may result in more detrimental problems. The younger your furry friend is when you start cleaning their teeth, the easier it’ll be for you. If your pet is too resistant, dental treats and toys are amazing choices. Not only is it possible to adore their own toys and treats, but also plaque build-up will be eliminated while their gums are massaged. We can further discuss at-home oral hygiene and urge pet toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental remedies, as well as treats and toys.